Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WesternSSA and SikhSangat True Unity

At the beginning of the year WesternSSA and SikhSangat entered a partnership in the promotion of Sikhi to the masses of youth. Since then the partnership has only flourished. For example, when WesternSSA launched its website www.westernssa.com it immediatley linked SikhSangat as its official forum, Sikhsangat reciprocated the love by graciously promoting our events, and entertaining many of our genuine questions, concerns, and suggestions in Sikhi based discussions. The recent appearance of a blogpost from WesternSSA on SikhSangat.Org has only taken this partnership to another level. We would like to thank Sikhsangat for their continuous support in helping us as a Sikh Student Association grow with each and every day. If you would like to see the great sewa taken by sikhsangat please visit their News Site at www.sikhsangat.org or forums at www.sikhsangat.com

To see the recent appearence of our blog on Sikhsangat News please visit sikhsangat.org or click on the following pictures.


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SikhSangat said...

WSSA.. probably the only active SSA in north america region.. Glad to be part of you guys ! Chardi Kala !