Monday, February 27, 2006

British Muslims criticizing Sikhi

We're posting this conversation between a singh and a muslim bibi as it relates to our discussion topics from the past...important thing to note here is.. we are not trying to put islam down or anything of that sort..all we want is awareness in sikhs so that they are able defend themselves in an arguement.. another important point to note is that the debate was initiated by the muslim bibi herself not singh sahib..

Post Begins:

Pyare jio, due to rise of muslim students harrassing sikh kids in London andBradford in attempts of conversions. I will be putting up some old posts aboutconversations I have had with muslims, in the hope the young sikh kids can use these arguments to educate themselves, and counter questions on sikhi.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Pyare jio, recently I encountered a bibi who was heavily influenced by islam. She wanted to have a debate with me. She seemed quite confident she was goingto convince me about the superiority of Islam. I accepted. The angle she usedwas all about life after death.A few weeks later I was talking to another local Gursikh about this. He said this was so strange. He said in the office he worked, he too was approached,and also asked about life after death. He said not only this, but his brotherwho studies in a birmingham university was also asked the same questions. Sowas his sister, who is a teenager in a leeds school. We thought this cannot bea coincidnce that in the matter a two weeks four practicing sikhs areapproached by muslims with exactly the same questions. These are just thepeople we know, how many more? Wondering about this, we came to the conclusion, that there must be some kind of organised approach to this. Quite possibly an egroup, which regularly lists questions which can be asked to all non-muslims, to question their faith, and then interest them in islam.Two weeks ago, I met another sikh who works as a teacher in a school. He said he has alot of muslim kids in his class. He said one of them even came up to him, put his arm around him, and said, "give me half an hour, and I will convince you islam is the only way." He said he was amazed at the level of confidence in these kids that they could say something like that to their teacher.Below is the debate we had about this subject, initiated by the bibi.

Bibi: Bhaji, You sikhs believe in reincarnation. This is a completely absurdtheory. It does not make sense. How can a human then become a pig?

Das: Bhen ji, both sikhs and hindus believe in re-incarnation, but our belief isdifferent in some areas, but the whole concept of re-incarnation is not aboutwhat a person becomes in their next life, but about escaping the cycle of lifeand death and becoming mukht.

Bibi : But how do you become a pig from a human?Das: The body is just a vessel, only the soul is what is of value. This soul canbe born in any vessel.

Bibi: I do not accept this, I think it is absurd.
Das: Bhen ji, that is your choice. A person after death is judged according totheir thoughts & actions. It is according to this judgement, that they arehonoured or dishonoured in the next life. But even this is not so important. The important thing is to be able to break the cycle in life and death, whilealive. To be able to attain a spiritual plain and obtain mukhti. Then it doesnot matter what you will be in the next life, for you are free and merged withGod. That is the key to re-incarnation, that one breaks free from this cycle.

Bibi: Fine, but is sikhi the way? Judgement day will come upon us all.

Das: Yes it will, and it happens everyday. Everyday we are judged, and everyaction we do has a re-action. But in the end to Judgement day will come, wecall it the Dharam Raj, you call it different.

Bibi: No, judgement day will come to everyone on this earth. The day will bebeckoning, when Allah judges all, and the muslims will rise.

Das: You mean the muslims will rise, ie. all the ones buried in coffins willrise again and you will have an army of zombies fighting against non-muslims.You find re-incarnation absurd, but you find this acceptable?

Bibi: Islam is the truth, it is the only way. All those who are non-muslims willbecome muslims.

Das: Judgement day as a concept is complete nonsense. It does not make sense.

Bibi: How can you say that?

Das: Bhen ji, relax and listen. Firstly you believe in a day. Why? God, Allah,Waheguru, does not believe in day and night, God is timeless. Day and night isa concept of man, and the result of the earth circling the sun. Why would Godwait for a day to judge everyone. God is beyond that. It is a continuousprocess as in sikhi has with the Dharam raj. Do you believe God is not capableof judging people continuously. Why wait for a day? Them muslims who diedcenturies ago are then unlucky for they have had to stay in coffins all thistime, decomposing, waiting for this day to come when they can be judged. Doesthis not seem an ineffective way, surely continuous judgement via dhram raj ismore sensible, and God`s way is Truth. I see more truth in continuousjudgement.

Bibi: yes, but your way, turns a human into a pig?

Das: Bhen ji, You are stuck on one silly point. God gives his beloved souls manymany chances, it is they who choose whether to take this chance or not. If theydo not then they come back in some form or another. Just because muslims do notlike pigs, does not mean they are bad. A pig is part of Allah`s creation aswell,just like everything else. A person who is a friend of God, is also a friend onhis creation. That person learns to love and appreciate everything God hascreated.

Bibi: No, in islam there is only one chance, there is only one way, and you arejudged according to it.

Das: How can this be the way of God? Even a mother with a child. The child as itgrows up makes thousands of mistakes, the mother sometimes gets frustrated, butnever stops loving the child. The mother always forgives and has thatcompassionate nature. And we are talking of God. It is God who put thatcompassionate nature into the mother. How can we say God is not compasionate atall? The human will make thousands of mistakes in their life, no matter how holythey are, but God will always love them, help them, and be compassionate towards them. he gives them thousands of chances.

Bibi: Yes, true a mother is compassonate and so must be God. l have to readdeeper, maybe in islam you do get another chance.

Das: Then if you do get another chance, then that chance has a form. Whether ornot you accept it, then that is a form of re-incarnation, and non-acceptance ofJudgement day theory.

(Bibi goes quiet, revelation suddenly dawns upon her)

Bibi: No, No, I will have to get back to you ... We will talk about this again..Bibi left.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!



hippy gone wild said...

wats with the hate maaannn, spread the love maan. Ik pita maaan. We all come from the same light maann. Why u drawing invisible lines between mankind maaaann? Why cant we all get along maaaan? Down with wars maaaan. Up wwith peace maaan. This is all your imagination maaan. We gotta unite maan. Stay one with nature maaaan. Just remember satnaam sri vahigurooo mannn.

.::singh::. said...

^o) okayyy ther mann

.::singh::. said...

^o) okayyy ther mann

.::singh::. said...

^o) okayyy ther mann

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