Thursday, November 16, 2006

Weekly Discussion - Storming Of The Temple

This week the WSSA was able to finally hold its long-awaited discussion. The first of three parts, it was concerned with the events that took place in a year Sikhs will never forget-1984. Here are some points- feel free to contribute- we all have much to learn from one another. Feel free to watch the documentary before you proceed to read the discussion.

The following are points that disagree with the actions taken by Sant ji and his fellow Sikhs in reference to attack on the Darbar Sahib in Amritsar:

• It is wrong to have weapons within a holy shrine- this group had no right to bring weapons in a place of worship
• What are the chances that this militant group had the same intentions as Guruji in his time?
• It is wrong to answer violence with violence
• These individuals had different intentions when they held “weapons” in their hands- it gave them a sense of power and that was all.
• The militants were very forceful in their actions They would go to randomhouses in the middle of the night and demand food and shelter leaving families who provided this to have to deal with questions from the localpolice in the morning.

General statements made to bring about further discussion:

• Individuals who joined the Khalistan movement had personal motives

The following are points that support the actions taken by Sant ji and his fellow Sikhs:

In reference to having firearms/weapons in the Akaal Takht:

• As Sikhs, we should have no problem carrying fire arms anyways- it is the right of every Sikh to do so.
• At Hazoor Sahib- Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s Bandookhs are present

In reference to the Khalistan Movement and the emergence of Militants:

• These militants probably became militants out of anger Their families were destroyed, they were thrown into jail, their genitals were burnt
• It did not have anything to do with personal motives because as a Sikh youare a universal fighter. Raising a weapon in defence, for a greater cause is not considered wrongful in Sikhi.

General statements made to bring about further discussion:

• Punjab was further divided by Indira Gandhi…Invites conflict
• The Government admitted that they trained people to discredit the Sikhs
• All Sikhs do not deny that they were responsible for killing theNirankaris-however they were justified in their actions.
o (This is revolving around the issue in 1978 where an individual claimed to be the living Guru of the Sikhs- he disrespected the Holy Guru Granth Sahib ji and claimed that their were “Sat Sitaaray” ( 7 stars) instead of the Panj Pyarey (5 beloved ones). As a result of showing such disrespect, this individual was shot.
• However, there was also violence against the Sikhs when they were carrying out a peaceful protest- not having any weapons and were still attacked- how is this fair?

In response to the well known question who is to blame?

• The majority of innocents who were killed in this massacre were killed by the government, not these alleged militants.
• Blame cannot just be put upon the few bad apples (from the group involved in the movement against the Indian government). A lot of the blame should also be placed upon the breakdown of Sikh Organizations. For example Babbar Khalsa changed its requirements - initially they were very strict in who could become a member during the early stages of the violence, however
shortly thereafter, they broke down by loosening requirements, thus making way for “bad apples” to come into the picture.

Questions raised:

• How did this become a Sikh-Hindu conflict? Who instigated this idea?
• Why did these individuals become militants/freedom fighters in the first place? What drove them to make this decision?
• Why not fight for the cause?
• Why is it that there is such a divide in reference to the occurrences of 1984 among the Sikhs? How come it is so difficult to reach a general consensus especially since they were the victimized group?
• It is difficult to understand why ‘Sant’ Bhindranwale was looked down upon and is continuously put in such a negative light- what makes him this so called terrorist?
• Although there has been an apology issued to the Sikhs from the government, this was done by a fellow sikh who previously lied to the UN and stated no Human Rights Abuses occurred in Punjab. Consequently, can this even be regarded as a valid apology?
• What can be done now? How can we correct this situation or at least do something to achieve some level of peace?

To be discussed/considered next week:

• Should the individuals directly involved with Sant Bhinderawale’s group during 1984 be considered militants or freedom fighters?
• The difference between a terrorist and a Saint Soldier
• How this has become a Sikh- Hindu conflict and who has instigated this idea.
• Anything else members choose to discuss

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Waterloo + Laurier Youth Keertan Darbaar

If you attended The WesternSSA Rainsbhayee Keertan earlier this year and enjoyed yourself, you definitely don't want to miss out this weekend. This weekend Waterloo and Laurier Sikh Student Associations will be holding their Bi-Annual Youth Keertan Darbar. If you are interested in attending and need a ride please contact westernssa via email and we will make arrangements. Depending on the number of responses we get, we may rent a car or a 15 seater. We ask for your response by Thursday evening at 6pm so that there is sufficient time for transportation to be arranged. We look forward to hearing from you and joining you on a roadtrip!

For More Details Please View The Flyer

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Paintball Madness Update

WesternSSA Presents...






If You Are Interested In Attending Please Email or your respective club and payments will be arranged. Seating and spaces are limited, and will go run on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Western Students From Various Clubs on Campus Will Be Taking Part In This Years Tourney Representing UWO... Against A Challange By Waterloo and Laurier Universities...Soo Lets Show Them How We Ride...

Clubs That Are Officially Holding It Down...

Waterloo Sikh Students Association
Laurier Sikh Students Assocation

Western Sikh Students Association (WesternSSA)

Hindu Students' Association (HSA)
Tamil Students' Association (TSA)
Black Students Association (BSA)
Bhangra Giddha Club

Are you interested in adding a club? Email us at


This Sunday, November 12th

11am - 3pm

Bus will be leaving from Alumni Hall at 9:30am


$25 for WesternSSA Members, $26 Non-Members

If you are interested email us and we will make arrangments to pick-up for the payment


Bus Transportation
Camouflage Jacket
Paintball Gun
100 Paintballs
Unlimited CO2
Face Mask

4 Hours of Paintball Madness


Flagswipe, for more details visit


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


WesternSSA goes paintballing... AGAINNNN!!!
..."best event of the year..."
why ?
"best turn out ever..."
and what does that mean ?

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Throughout history, whenever there has been a calling, the Sikhs have been quick to the defend the honour of those oppressed and with the grace of Waheguroo justice has prevailed. These teachings have been instilled in the Sikh Faith by the Guru's themselves, and we are again reminded of our history with the anniversary of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Maharaj Ji's Shaheedi Purab slowly approaching.

WesternSSA Members, we ask you to join in a silent protest being held this Monday and take part in the traditions and teachings of Sikhi, by defending the rights, honour and dignity of our brothers and sisters. Please read the following message from our friends for more details regarding the protest to be held this Monday.


On Monday, November 6, from 12-2 p.m., the UWO chapter of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) will join with other groups such as the NDP club, Oxfam, and Pride Western in holding a silent protest at the concrete beach (area in front of the UCC). Participants are asked to wear black, and place duct tape or something similar across their mouths to visually show the USC's policy of gagging and censoring groups on campus.

The aim of this protest is to draw attention to the actions taken by the University Student Council against freedom of speech on campus. Unfortunately, the USC has a history of silencing student groups over issues seen as controversial, and this trend continues into the present day. The amount of bureaucracy and control exerted by the USC has also risen frighteningly in the past few years, severely limiting the ability of full-time students to achieve anything beyond the superficial. A few examples:

SPHR was banned from USC properties after a 2004 event in which a mock
apartheid wall was erected in the UCC. The event had the approval of both the USC and the London Police's hate crime division, and was meant to draw attention to the illegal apartheid wall currently snaking its way across the West Bank. Each year, the USC has found new, increasingly ridiculous reasons to silence SPHR, and the full story can be found here:

Oxfam Western recently ran into trouble, when they were refused permission to print posters detailing the epidemic of world hunger. They were silenced because the images of starving children were deemed unrefined for the tastes of Western students.

Pride Western has also been affected by the actions of the USC. During Pride Week, chalk slogans on the walls of several buildings on campus with pro-equality messages were erased on the order of the USC because they made some students feel "uncomfortable". Many other clubs, sports, and even Student Council candidates have used chalked slogans to spread their messages, yet it is only Pride Western who has seen theirs officially erased. Strange indeed.

So please, come support freedom of speech at one of Canada’s largest universities. Show your disapproval of the USC’s policies, which have limited the views on campus to those deemed safe, and kept student organizations from achieving their full potential.