Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weekend Keertan @ Rajbir and Ajeet's

So, the keertan at Ajeet's house was a success! Good keertan, good sangat, good langar and good times! While doing keertan, Bhai Sahib Harkinder Singh Ji's translations were phenomonal and very simple, he even managed to relate the bani to valentines day for us uni kids (that's skills). The youth also participated on all levels with their sewa in langar, keertan, ardaas, etc.

However, after us uni kids ate some langar, we felt a sudden boost of energy. The boost in energy gave rise to 3 seperate missions...

Objective #1 -

Take digital camera pictures of Ajeet's family photos (the ones that were hanging so temptingly on the walls of the home they so graciously invited us into).

Objective #2 -

Add to the famous photo collection of Satwant Bhenji called "What Is Bhenji Eating Today?"

Objective #3 -

Stock up on sabji and langar for as long as possible (uni students)

Objective #4 -

Beat Gupreet Singh in video games

Although, missions 1, 2 and 3 were completed with a clear and decisive victory by Lubna, Ravan and Pawan taking home a good amount of langar, Gurpreet Singh remains the King of video game world, this time defeating the cute Ajeet Singh....Why cute? Well, check out proof of completion for objective 1.


Objective 1

Objective 2

More pictures to be updated soon in www.westernssa.com picture gallery


lubna said...

omg..my slovakian roomate LOVED the langarrr. i was borderline jealous when she took some :( hahah im kidding
keertan was AMAZING!
i loveeee ajeet and his family (L)and obv SSA :)
happy valentines everyone :)

Ravan said...

It was an awesome Langar and Kirtan, thanks again to Ajeet and his family for opening up their house to us =) And just for reference Ajeet's mom was making us take food, you know indian parents always want you to eat and eat somemore =)

Can't wait for the next one Ajeet!!

Anonymous said...

Harkinder Uncle is off the hook! We need to have a few chill sessions with him.. andAjeet looks like a Monkey LOL good times! Now he's never coming to out meetings HAHAHAHA.

Gupt said...

if u wanna do someones nidiya, atleast have the guts to put ur name up.

amarinder said...

haha ..nindya..lol.. we havin fun here chill..

Anonymous said...

so it was u....

rajbir(ajeets sis) said...

HAHA...so true....ajeet does look like a monkey...thank u all for comin out to it...those of u that came

yo mamma said...

haha he does, ALOT

Atam said...

Ok Ok, i think i can bring some credible insight to the question of ajeet looking like a monkey. I am his cozin, and i believe if you look at him in just the right angle he does slightly resemble our little furry monkey friends...but, let me assure you that as the poor kids facial hair grows he shall start resembling less and less a monkey and more and more like a singh...on the topic of facial hair and lookin like a monkey...gurpreet..ahem ahem...hehe

Gurpreet Singh said...

i sat here for 20 minutes thinking about what to write in reply to atam's comment. And after 20 minutes of thinking, I couldnt think of nothing.

And now i am sleepy.

So i'm gonna goto sleep now.

Anonymous said...

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