Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Snatam Kaur In Concert

Snatam Kaur's world-tour concert blends the musical traditions of East and
West. Her heart-opening music and enchanting voice will bring you an
experience of peace to cherish.

Join in an evening of uplifting music that truly inspires Peace:

Friday, November 3, 2006 at 7:30 pm
Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library
251 Dundas Street, London

Snatam resonates with the words “celebrate peace” because she believes that
peace already exists within each of us, and it is a matter of recognizing it
and celebrating it. Celebration comes from a place of courage and inner
strength. The Celebrate Peace Tour is dedicated to inspiring people of all
walks of life to celebrate the peace that is within themselves, their
families, and communities and, from that place of strength, to reach out to
others as neighbors and nations in the spirit of peace.

Snatam Kaur was introduced to music and spiritual practice at an early age,
as well as studies in Gurmukhi and Kundalini Yoga. She studied with the
accomplished master of Sikh-style devotional music, Bhai Hari Singh, in
Amritsar, India.

In September, she released her 5th solo album titled 'Anand' (Bliss) that is
a celebration of the joy and happiness that resides within each individual.
Like her previous best-selling albums, 'Prem' (Love), 'Shanti' (Peace) and
'Grace', 'Anand' is a collection of devotional chants grounded in the Sikh
tradition, reflecting a universal sensibility that embraces many faiths.

  • More than 50,000 CD's sold world-wide in 2005.
  • Her music is sold across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.
  • Snatam Kaur was on the list to be nominated for a Grammy Award in 2002.
  • She is the only artist to have 3 albums on the New Age Retailers Top 20 List in 2005.
  • Her Celebrate Peace Tour visits over 100 venues each year.
Below is a short video clip of Snatam Kaur courtesy of mrsikhnet.com:

Download: Video

To hear samples of her music, visit www.spiritvoyage.com and click on her
albums to hear clips.

To learn more about Snatam Kaur, visit www.snatamkaur.com

First France...then Belgium...now Denmark

Danish court confirms ban on Sikh carrying ceremonial knife

"Amritdhaarees please beware, do not enter Denmark or a painful "death" follows..."
Understanding the above statement might be a little difficult but it makes perfect sense to an Amritdhaaree Sikh. Kirpaan being one of the vital 5s of an Amritdhaaree Singh/Kaur it is like saying that if you were to step into Denmark your heart or kidneys or liver or any other vital organ would not be allowed in Denmark. The title carries history along with it referring back to the recent ban of Turbans and any other articles of faith, first in France and then Belgium followed the lead. There lies an irony in the France situation thought... look at the pic below and be the judge...

Read Why Carry a Dagger? for an interesting answer to the question posed...

Monday, October 23, 2006

No War Rally

This October 28th an anti war rally is being held downtown Toronto. It will also focus around Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Here are some quick facts that some may or may not know:

“Our demand is a simple one: “Support our troops and bring them home now!” Right now, the Stephen Harper government continues to support a NATO-led mission in Afghanistan that has made the situation in the country worse than it was in 2001. Fewer people have access to clean water and electricity than five years ago, reconstruction is at a standstill, opium production generates twice the amount of income than international aid, and Canadian troops are keeping in power a government that is dominated by war lords and drug lords - people who continue to commit war crimes and human rights abuses on a massive scale.

And as Stephen Harper pours billions of dollars more into George Bush’s war in Afghanistan, he continues to cut billions from social programs here in Canada. Money that is badly needed for health care, childcare, education, the environment, social programs and other services is being diverted to war and militarism. For every dollar the Canadian government spends on the Afghan mission, fully 90 cents goes towards the military operation. Only ten cents goes to aid.”

Once again we are trying to organize Sikh involvement with this protest. Please view the attached flyer for details

Thursday, October 19, 2006

In Celebration of Bandi Chor Divas...

We Bring to You...

U of T / Ryerson Kirtan Darbar!

on Saturday, October 21, 2006
10am to 12pm

at Weston Road Gurdwara
Sri Guru Singh Sabha
331 Old Weston Road

Volunteers are needed Friday night to help with food preparations and Saturday morning for langar seva. Contact ssautsg@gmail for more info and see flyer for details!! Anyone interested in doing kirtan let us know!
Let us celebrate together!!!

BANDI CHOR DIVAS (literally means the day of release of the prisoner)

This day commemorates the return of the sixth Guru, Sri Hargobind Ji, to the holy city of Amristar after his release from detention. Guru Hargobind Singh ji was imprisoned by Emperor Jahangir because he seem to be afraid of the Guru's growing power. Guru ji had agreed to his own release on the condition that the other fifty-two detainees would also be released. He was therefore known as the " Bandi Chorrh". He arrived at Amritsar on the day of Diwali and the Golden Temple was also was lit with hundreds of lamps. Thereafter day came to be known as the "Bandi Chhor Divas" (the day of freedom).


Peaceful protest by Saadh Sangat

It is with folded hands that we request your presence on Sunday,
October 22nd at Premier Banquet Hall (11am-3pm) for a collective
boycott of the scheduled seminar being held by Inder Singh Ghugga and
participation in a peaceful protest. Inder Singh Ghugga is an avid
supporter of the notorious panthic enemy known as Kala Afgana who has
been excommunicated by the Akhaal Takhat for his anti-Sikhi
activities. His presence in Toronto, Ontario of the last few weeks has
left a bad taste in the mouths of many Sikhs in the Greater Toronto
Area and worldwide as well. He is known to ferociously attack and
manipulate basic Sikhi principles. Below are just a few of his many
extensive attacks on the Panth.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was pressured by Muslims when travelling to
Mecca and voluntarily consumed Halal meat. When asked about evidence
supporting this, Ghugga replied that this was a part of his
During the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev Ji, he was unable to retain
consciousness during the torture and therefore became unconscious.
These words indicate his desire to portray Guru Sahib as an ordinary
human being. When challenged in regards to this, he was once again
quick to admit it was a figment of his imagination
The usage of words such as "Badmaash" and derogratory slurs in
reference to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
In his own literature he has deemed the very pillar of Sikhi, Naam
Simran as unnecessary along with Mool Mantar and Gurmantar.
The importance and power of Naam Simran which is stressed within each
word of Gurbani is completely dismissed by Ghugga in his literature
Even the importance of Ardaas is undermined within writings by Ghugga
Publicly challenges the authenticity of Banis contained in the morning
Nitnem such as Jaap Sahib and Chaupayee Sahib, whereby undermining the
entire Amrit Sanchar ceremony.
The core fundamentals of Sikhi and those who lived by the word of the
Guru have been attacked shamelessly by Ghugga
Being oblivious to the correct pronunciation and lacking grammatical
knowledge of Gurbani, Ghugga fails to recognize the importance of
vowels when translating Gurbani.

In addition to the concerns raised above, there are many other
discrepancies and anti-Gurmat statements contained within literature
published by Ghugga, some of which we hope to highlight in the coming
days. It should be noted that it is his anti-panthic actions that have
resulted in him not being allotted time to speak at any Gurdwara.


All Sikh Sangat & Panthic Jathebandees

Bhai Hardeep Singh 416-858-1596
Bhai Jaspreet Singh 416-689-9409
Bhai Tarlochan Singh 416-891-9957
Bhai Jasdev Singh 416-835-1909
Bhai Gurjeet Singh 416-560-6326

Supporting Jathebandees:
Ontario Gurdwara Committee and all Gurdwara Sahibs
Ontario Gurdwara Sikh Council and Gurdwara Sahibs below:
1) Gurdwara Shaheed Ghar (Hamilton)
2) Gurdwara Baba Budha Ji
3) Gurdwara Sikh Association of Brantford
Sikh Spiritual Centre, Rexdale
Shromani Sikh Sangat, Missisauga
Gurdwara Jot Parkash
Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib
Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Malton
Shromani Sikh Sangat Mississauga
Shromani Akali Dal Amritsar, Ontario
Canadian Organization of Sikh Students
Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji Gatka Akhara
Damdami Taksal International
Akhand Kirtanee Jatha, Toronto

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brothers in France still holding up the fight...

"We didn't have a single young girl showing up veiled this year for the rentree [start of the school year] which was very satisfying," government education spokesman Samira Bonvoisin told The First Post. "The only ongoing problem is with four Sikh schoolboys who still refuse to remove their turbans."

Read the whole article here

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meeri-Peeri Exhibit & Rainsabayee

A free bus service has been arranged and will be leaving from Ontario Khalsa Darbar (Derry and Dixie Rd.) Mississauga to London Gurdwara at 5 pm... Call 519 694 6147 to book your seats as they are limited...