Thursday, January 05, 2006

What the WSSA is All About

The WSSA is not your stereotypical religious students association. It isn't just about doing paat and trying to better ourselves as individuals and as Sikhs. It knows how to chill and has had some Realll Good Times. Besides, being Sikh is all about balance isn't it? Take a look for yourself at WSSA's past events.

Ice Breaker on UC Hill - Soccer, free pizza, madd funn

Paintballing - It speaks for itself

Spinning Wheel Film Festival- Just goes to show how far we have come as a community of people

WSSA's First Annual Raensabhayee - NonStop Till 6am! Almost 12 hrs Straight

Waterloo Raensabhayee - It was nice seeing everyone again

---Pictures To Be Posted Soon---

WSSA Annual Bowling Night - Lets Get The Ball Rolling!

---Pictures To Be Posted Soon---

Weekly Meetings - Action packed, Intense and Peaceful Pahts and Discussions

---Pictures To Be Posted Soon---

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