Monday, January 16, 2006

Samosas and Sikhi - First WSSA Meeting Back!!

It was our first meeting back and it was a good one. There are Quite a few things that the WSSA has lined up for us this semester so be sure to keep yourself updated with this blog.


  • Began with Paaht
  • Exec took care of business (Look at Latest Event Updates for more detail)
  • Samosas and discussion

This weeks discussion dealt with the issues of Religion (Sikhi) and its Modernization. We discussed whether Sikhi needs to change with time, and whether its a static or dynamic faith.

There were 2 main topics...Dating and the 5 k's:

While engaging in the discussion many different ideas and thoughts were expressed. We first talked about the modernization of religion then got more specific by discussing dating and the the importance of Amrit and the 5 K' are some of the things that were said.

  • Interpretation needs to change, not change the fundamentals
  • Culture is really what needs to be changed
  • You can't modify or modernize a religion- its not our place to say, it is what it is.

5 K's - Is there a need for them or were they relevant to the time period of their introduction?

  • Arguments For:
    • The 5 K's are a representation of personal strength
    • It was our Guru's wish for them to be there
    • Sikhs must make it their objective to listen to their Guru

  • Arguments Against:
    • The arguements against were weak and everyone appeared to agree they were a must.
    • However, an observation by a student who took a class on Sikhi taught at Guelph University was that his non-practicing teacher felt that the introduction of these symbols were contrary to the beliefs of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
    • This suggestion was not agreed upon by anyone.

  • Questions Raised:
    • What happens to someone who keeps the 5 K's but does not follow the other guidelines of Sikhi?
    • What is a Good Sikh and How do you become one?
  • Conclusion and Becoming a Good Sikh:
    • The best way to learn about Sikhi is to live it and learn it through the primary source which is GurBani and The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
    • Becoming a Good Sikh is something that requires progression
    • You can compare it to taking a course in University: Your ultimate goal in that course is to get 100% or as close to 100% as possible. You never take any action which is detrimental to that
    • Taking Amrit is just the starting point
    • Sikhism teaches that we shouldn'te shouldn't think ourselves as as good, nor should we think badly of anyone."If you cannot see good in all, you cannot see God at all"- Yogi Bachan Singh.

Dating - Is dating acceptable in Sikhi?

  • Arguments For
    • Dating is necessary in our culture- for the sole purpose of getting to know your future partner. -It all boils down to your intention and reasoning capacity.
  • Arguments Against:
    • Lust comes into play when dating
    • one of the Five Evils in Sikhism
    • It is against Sikhism to have Pre-Marital Sex
    • One needs to be able to get over the lust: The goal in Sikhi is to be one with God (i.e. A drop of water merging with the ocean)

  • Questions Raised
    • Would you dance/go out with the ugliest person in the world or someone attractive?"
    • What is the problem with dating and controlling your lust?
    • How successful are Arranged vs. Love marriages?

  • Conclusion
    • Could not come to a concise conclusion about success of each types of marriage
    • However, there was an agreement that the concept of arranged marriages has changed.
    • It is important that if one dates it should not be based on looks, although its very hard to do
    • When using arranged marriage parents can be just bad in arranging a partner when they take, because culture often conflicts with religion and they may take caste into consideration, something that is non-existent in Sikhism
    • Arranged marriages can also be beneficial, when you are raised in this mindset you learn learn to love your husband or wife

"Our Home and Native Land"
  • The WSSA is invovled with a Art Exibhit called "Our Home and Native Land"
  • The Art Exibhit is running until Feb. 19 at the McIntosh Gallery (its building with Red Doors in front of Soc.Science and UC)
  • The Exibhit features the work of London artist Agneta Dolman as she explores the immigrant experience and celebrates earning her Canadian citizenship.
  • The WSSA has contributed a print of "1984" by Amrit K.D. Kaur Singh along with various other posters.
  • There is Free Admission an Gallery Hours are:

    Tuesday - Thursday 12 - 7 p.m.
    Friday - Sunday 12 - 4 p.m.
    Closed Mondays
COSS Fundraiser
  • COSS Annual Fundraiser on January 27th
  • 25 bucks for Students at the Woodbine Convention Center
  • Transportation there and back to Western included!

Sikh Awareness Day
  • If you have any ideas on how WSSA can make this the A Day worth Remembering, make sure you respond in this Blog or E-mail WSSA at
  • This day will comprise of:
    1. Gatka in the day
    2. Movie later in the evening
    3. Guest speakers
    4. Interactive activities
    5. Educational displays on Sikhism, Canadian Sikhs and other important pieces of info about Sikhs
  • If you are interested in helping to promote Sikh Awareness Day and have that creative edge- be sure to take part!
  • Deadlines for the posters are on JANUARY 31st By 11:59 P.M!! The Poster that wins will be used for promotion!!
Ski Trip
  • Ski Trip Will be Held on: February 4'th
Raptors Game

  • The trip is now an official COSS event now and Nav Bhatia is trying to get us a chance to be able to meet the players!


Amneet Moderating Discussion While Members Speak Their Mind

Sundeep In Action and Excited To Contribute

From Left to Right Amar, Ravan, Narisa, Noorin and Neeru All Had Some Amazing Input For Discussion

From Left to Right Neeraj, Amritpal, Ajeet, Harkamal, Ranbir, Gurpreet and Sundeep

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