Thursday, January 05, 2006

Upcoming Events

COSS Charity Dinner
  • The evening of Friday Jan 27th will mark the first COSS Charity Dinner. The evening will be filled with various forms of entertainment.
  • Entertainment will include...

-- Gatka Demonstration --

-- Theatrical Play --

-- Dinner and Presentations --

  • Tickets will be made available very shortly. Mark your calendars today. Friday, January 27th 6:00pm at the Woodbine Convention Centre.

Movie Night

  • This will be in place of our first weekly meeting after the winter break!
  • Snacks will be provided including Samosas, Chai and hot chocolate!

Raptors Game

  • This year a new tradition will begin!
  • WSSA along with affiliated University under Coss will travel to a Raptors game

Ski Trip

  • Early February will bring light to the much anticipated Ski Trip
  • This event will also be held in conjuction with COSS and Affilated Unis!

Sikh Awareness Day

  • On March 14 UWO will be aware!
  • UCC Atrium will be ours and it will be a day of oppertunity in which we will show and tell others who Sikhs are and what we are all about.

WSSA Langar

  • Every year The WSSA holds an Annual Langar at the London Gurudwara
  • It will be sometime during March

For More suggestions, give WSSA a shout!


Anonymous said...


is it prnounced sikh or seekh?

Anonymous said...

It's Pronounced Sikh

:) said...

u guyz did u good job on teh blog.. awsome.. kepp it up!

WesternSSA said...

Hey! Thanks alot!
Keep us posted throughout the year on what you think and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!