Friday, May 12, 2006

The Rise of Khalsa

While Sikh Media appears to be growing and increasing in popularity a new frontier has been ventured into by "Vismaad Animated Movies" who have utilized a key tool in the preservation of Sikh History. We encourage everyone to take a helping hand in the sales of the second movie released by Vismaad Productions as it important to preserve the history of the Sikhs, and what better way then to present it to children of all ages through an animated series. For more information please view the press release attached below.



Animated movie “The Rise of Khalsa” has the distinction of being the first ever movie made on legendary Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. The movie is produced by Vismaad; who brought “Sahibzadey: A Saga of Valor & Sacrifice”; the first ever animated movie on Sikh history. When reminded about these firsts Director, Sukhwinder Singh said: “Sewa first. It is Waheguru ji’s grace and Sikh Sangat’s blessings that we are bestowed this great sewa to bring forth our remarkable history”.

Vismaad is an IT SOLUTIONS & CONSULTING COMPANY promoted by three Gursikh IT professionals. Singapore based Bakhtawar Singh says “we realized that contemporary Sikh generations know very little about Sikh history and what better way than animation to meet this objective“. “Sahibzadey” was highly appreciated by Sikh Sangat and gave us courage to embark on our second project “The Rise of Khalsa”.

“The Rise of Khalsa” takes you along Baba Banda Singh ji’s journey from his first meeting with Guru Gobind singh ji at Nanded to conquering of Sirhind. Guruji ordained Babaji to reach Punjab and reorganize the Khalsa forces to put an end to tyranny and injustice.

Recently a Movie preview was shown at Mohali to a select audience comprising Military Generals, Industrialists, Educationists and representatives of various Sikh organizations.

After watching the movie Major General M.S. Kandal (retd) said “An enthralling tribute to a great Sikh General. It’s amazing to watch Baba Banda Singh ji’s military acumen portrayed so well through animation. Well done boys! Keep the good works going!!”

According to Navnit Singh animation is the most effective medium when it comes to teaching History to today’s kids. Why kids? We had even adults calling us to tell how “Sahibzadey” made them ponder over their ignorance about a vibrant Sikh History.

“The Rise of Khalsa” is due for worldwide release on 21-May-06. Premier shows are planned at major cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Fremont, Los Angeles, New York, London and Singapore.

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