Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Message To WesternSSA Alumni

Schools done and the summer is finally here!! We hope everyones exams and classes went well and we wish you a fun and safe summer. For those of you returning in the fall we look forward to having you join WesternSSA again. However, every year there are numerous valued members that finish their time at Western and move on, essentially becoming Western and WesternSSA Alumni. This year we would like to maintain contact with those that have over the years done a great amount of seva. Therefore, we ask that if you are not returning to Western next year and would like to stay in touch with WesternSSA as a member and an individual who future generations can look too for guidance, to please submit your contact information for next year. It is asked that you provide your name, number, email and address.

WesternSSA is also looking to keep track of its history starting from the very first exec, nearly a decade ago. Therefore, if you are in contact with any previous execs or members that may be interested in keeping in touch, please forward this message to them.

All information can be sent to us via

Yours Truly, Your Sevadaars
WesternSSA Exec

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