Friday, March 24, 2006

The Finale....End Of Year Langar

This weekend will be The WesternSSA End of Year Langar, which will end off the years major events. If you are in need of a ride please email us back, along with you name and phone number and we will make arrangements. The following is a schedule for the weekends events. If you have any further questions, please email us!

Saturday Night ... 6-9pm

On Saturday Night, we the students from UWO will be gathering at the local Gurdwara to begin preparing Langar for Sunday Morning Diwan. If you are interested in attending on Saturday and offering your help, please email us asap! For those of you that need some incentive....local aunties have offered to prepare some mattar paneer for students to eat at the end of the night!!!!

Sunday Morning ... 10am-1pm

On Sunday morning students will be running the show at London Gurdwara! The WesternSSA has taken the seva of running regular Sunday Diwan for the local Sikh community. If you are interested in doing keertan on this day, please notify us ahead of time as we have been given from of 10:30-12pm to be specifically designated to students for keertan. On this day, langar will also be served and again as incentive all langar is often packaged and given to students to take back to campus!

CD Recordings and T-shirts will be available for purchase!


Yogi Singh Raina said...

I had seen the cd's while visiting which were nice, the shirt's look great;

Anonymous said...

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