Friday, December 29, 2006

Paramjit Singh - The Original Judgment

In a nation that so proudly claims to be the "worlds largest democracy"; the true colours of corruption, oppression and abuse have again been revealed in the state of Punjab.

In a recent case, the Punjab Police have demonstrated their fear of an awakening. Admidst numerous reports it appears as though the Police have resorted to practices of torture, abuse and the ever so common practice of framing ordinary citizens for personal gains.

The police allegations state that 3 Sikh men have been detained on the grounds of carrying and hiding weapons in a conspiracy to carry out attacks during the upcoming elections. It has also been hinted that the Police believe that the attacks were part of a greater plan to revive the 1980's revolution.

Among those arrested, it has been revealed that one of the three men, Paramjit Singh, is a British citizen. In efforts to shed light on the current developments of the case and in an attempt to help truth prevail (in accordance to the spirit of the Khalsa Panth). WesternSSA has obtained documents of the original judgment against Paramjit Singh.

We encourage that these be distributed and published freely without permission, and that Sikh Youth spread awareness about the issue to the greater community through both a united stance and voice.

Below we have attached the original judgment.





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