Monday, October 23, 2006

No War Rally

This October 28th an anti war rally is being held downtown Toronto. It will also focus around Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Here are some quick facts that some may or may not know:

“Our demand is a simple one: “Support our troops and bring them home now!” Right now, the Stephen Harper government continues to support a NATO-led mission in Afghanistan that has made the situation in the country worse than it was in 2001. Fewer people have access to clean water and electricity than five years ago, reconstruction is at a standstill, opium production generates twice the amount of income than international aid, and Canadian troops are keeping in power a government that is dominated by war lords and drug lords - people who continue to commit war crimes and human rights abuses on a massive scale.

And as Stephen Harper pours billions of dollars more into George Bush’s war in Afghanistan, he continues to cut billions from social programs here in Canada. Money that is badly needed for health care, childcare, education, the environment, social programs and other services is being diverted to war and militarism. For every dollar the Canadian government spends on the Afghan mission, fully 90 cents goes towards the military operation. Only ten cents goes to aid.”

Once again we are trying to organize Sikh involvement with this protest. Please view the attached flyer for details

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