Sunday, September 10, 2006

WesternSSA... Still Flying High!

A Fateh to all and a Welcome Back! Its been a long 4 months since the last school year ended and although WesternSSA has appeared to be inactive that is definitely far from the truth! WesternSSA spent their summer working underground to bring their members and the online community some more of that goodstuff! WesternSSA over the next few weeks will be introducing...

WesternSSA Overseas
-We will be releasing details and material from a recent trip to Kashmir and the State of Sikhi in that region.

Upcoming Events

- ClubsWeek Dates will be announced
- Annual Rainsbhayee has been confirmed for October 14th - more details are still to come

New Alliances

- The announcement and official launch of new partnerships.

Brand new online resources -

- new pictures
- new videos
- new audio


Anonymous said...

Thats not the panth's nishan sahib, putting khalistan on a flag ain't gonna get the panth khalistan, and not everyone is for khalistan so I think to start off the SSA you should take that off as to not start off your year with a controversial picture in the first place, use a regular nishan sahib used by the rest of the panth and not by one used by just one jathebandi (taksal).

Anonymous said...

I think its fine, khalistan in this picture is not neccesarily representative of a seperate nation, but the struggle and continuing campaign of basic human rights for all peoples of the world. Sikhs stand by their co-humans, brothers and sisters whether they belong to the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Bhuddist or Jewish faith. The basic necessities of human rights extend and will be defended by Sikhs in every corner of the globe whether the oppressed reside in Sudan, Rawanda, Palestine, Israel, India, Pakistan or Tibet. The right to defend is not reserved by any particular Jathebandi, but rather is the duty of The Khalsa Panth and any other God Loving Man, Woman or Child.

tera baap said...

your homepage doesnt work, i cant click anywhere

WesternSSA said...

IE 7.0 wil not work.
As it is still in RC.

Mozilla work totally fine!

WesternSSA said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever man, its still not a panthic view, and this topic has been discussed countless times, I don't got time to waste on it, as I could die writing this post, Vaheguruu.

Anonymous said...

If you would like discuss it as a panthic view, one can easily refer to a statement issued by a previous jathedar of The Akal Takht, That if you are not a khalistani, you are not a sikh. Also, I assure you that you are not at risk expressing your views and opinions, unlike the 250, 000 that were massacred by the GOI, inluding human rights advocate, Jaswant Singh Khalra.

And if you are not aware these 250, 000 deaths would be the same deaths that the GOI has refused amnesty international to investigate for the last 21 years, by denying them entry into Punjab.

maa daa dudh peenvalae babay said...

To the SSA,

Maybe you focus making making khalsa raj on your sikh students association before trying to make it in india. Khalistan requires Khalsas.

Bani pardo, Amrit chhako, Singh sajo

Anonymous said...

Innocent Sikhs lost their lives, including children and women, and we are going to let that pass as if nothing happened? NO WAY. KHALISTAN FLAG IS A STAY.