Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What a Finale it was!!

With our Satguru’s Kirpa the annual langar held by the WSSA- the final event, was a perfect way to end the year.

The langar preparations went very smoothly and one could say, rather successfully as many of the university students volunteered and strengthened their domestic skills experiencing a mere day in the life of our mothers. Even WSSA exec member Gurpreet Singh was witnessed participating in the preparations-a rare yet reassuring occurrence.

The day of the langar itself was beautiful. The sun welcomed everyone to the Gurudwara putting them in good spirits from the start. The Sangat was able to hear various types of kirtan ranging from the sweet voices of young children to more refined and regal kirtan done by the older individuals. The Gurudwara was packed as if it were a religious day. To make things even better, Western Alumni joined us.

Many thanks go out to everyone who attended to make this kirtan what it was. It went as smoothly as it did simply because of the seva and effort put in by Western students and of course all of the parents who’s continued support lays the foundation for all of this success.


big tinger said...


i give u the two gunshot salute

Otpreka Singh said...

brapp brapp brupp brupp big tings big tings

oh waheguru